Monday, May 20, 2013

Butterfly in the Wheat

Cajun & Soft Suede


 Flowered butterfly with cajun craze and soft suede distressed background of wheat.
Copy: Sending thoughts of love and praying for the Lord to sustain you with bright and restful days.

Butterfly - saffron & soft suede


  1. Hi there! First up, love this card! Thanks for your comment too, it did make me chuckle, "tea" means dinner here! So not a cuppa, although that would have been nice too ;-) I hadn't thought it was different 'till you mentioned it though :-)))
    Thanks again for your comments,
    Lots a love xxx

  2. Colleen, I love your butterfly in wheat cards!! The suede is so soft and the printed paper for the butterflies goes so well together! The suede and saffron and the geometric designed butterflies are beautiful as well! Thanks for the inspiration!